Adjustable bed health benefits

A total of 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping on a bed

Aids in recovery & performance

Improves heart & cardiovascular health

Helps reduce snoring & sleep apnoea

Reduces chronic pain caused by inflammation

Can reduce digestion issues leading to better sleep

A small incline can make a big difference

The slightest degree of change to the incline of the top or lower half of the bed, along with gravity, will allow you to customise your sleeping position to match your unique body composition and conditions. Adjustable beds are designed for you to incrementally change your sleeping position at the touch of a wireless remote. Elevating the headrest and the footrest in different combinations to different angles can provide significant improvements in your ability to reach the deeper levels of restorative sleep.

The importance of good circulation

Fundamentally the principle idea is to customise your sleeping position to better recovery throughout your circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive, skeletal & muscular systems.

Elevated Legs & Head

Can ease symptoms associated with heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion. Laying with elevated legs can reduce oedema or fluid build-up in your lower limbs.

Elevated Head

An elevated upper body can help those with breathing difficulties, snoring, reflux and problems associated with sleep apnoea, and after meals can aid digestion.

Elevated Legs

Elevating the legs improves circulation and can assist in reducing swelling. Helps relieves back pain and the symptoms of sciatica.


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