Sleeping Compatibility

Do you and your partner have different sleeping requirements?

Compromise no more with a split mattress design

For couples, the most popular option is choosing two long singles instead of a combined king mattress. This allows you to each choose a specific mattress type to fit your preference, plus give you the added functionality of individually changing your position without disturbing or changing your partner’s position.

Tailoring your mattress firmness for optimal sleep

For an optimal sleep, your mattress should be compatible to your unique weight or Body Mass Index (BMI). Below is an illustration on the ‘ideal body weight to sinkage ratio’ and alternatively what happens when a mattress is too firm or too soft.

What is the best sleeping position?

The best sleeping position is the one that gives you the most restorative sleep. Even your individual preferred sleeping position (back, side or stomach) may require a different level of mattress firmness. Compromised alignment can have varying effects on your sleep quality and in some cases can greatly inhibit deep and restorative sleep.

Mattress maintenance

To maximize the performance and longevity of your new investment, we suggest you rotate the mattress end-to-end once every month, for the first 6 months after purchase, then once every 4 months after that.

A good quality mattress protector is also highly recommended.  

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