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Recovery tool

The ultimate recovery tool = deep restorative sleep

Sleep is the best recovery

You have probably invested in the best shoes... bike... optimise your performance. Carefully choosing a quality Australian made mattress with an adjustable bed base is one of the best ways to achieve a deep restorative night’s sleep.

After injury or heavy training, we can easily overlook the important role sleep can play in our recovery.

A quality mattress

Aids posture and spine alignment. Provides appropriate density, cooling, heating and allergy friendly features.Supports stress relief from a day of physical activity.

Plus an adjustable bed

Being able to adjust your bed to the most comfortable position if injured or stiff can help your sleep quality.

Split design

For deepest and most restorative sleep, we recommend choosing a split bed option, which allows you to tailor your recovery by tailoring your mattress firmness.

Mattress maintenance

To maximize the performance and longevity of your new investment, we suggest you rotate the mattress end-to-end once every month, for the first 6 months after purchase, then once every 4 months after that.

A good quality mattress protector is also highly recommended.  

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