Why our customers trust us.

We pride ourselves on offering you the best quality products, discounts, service and warranties.

Trusted Quality.
Australian Made Mattresses.

Comfort Sleep is one of the most trusted manufacturers in Australia. For over 40 years they have been helping Australians master a good nights sleep. Unlike like other industries throughout the world, the mattress manufacturing industry is not governed by International Design and Manufacturing standards specific to the industry. It is for this reason alone that Bed & Mattress Studio have partnered with Comfort Sleep to reliably supply its quality range of products.

Comfort's decades of experience has ensured Bed & Mattress Studio can supply to its customers the most reliable and comfortable mattresses and adjustable bases in the Australian market. This quality brings obvious peace of mind to Bed & Mattress Studio and that of its customers.

Real Discounts.
Up to 50% OFF.

As an independent family-owned business, we have the flexibility to buy the highest quality range of products at significantly reduced costs. We pass these savings directly on to our customers.  Unlike large national retailers, we do not have the significant overhead costs associated with these groups, this ultimately means the customer pays less .

Trusted Warranties.
Every product has a 10-year Warranty.

To ensure Bed & Mattress Studio can offer a meaningful warranty to our customers, we have chosen to partner with one of  Australia’s best manufacturers. Importantly, as Comfort Sleep are supplying product to major retailers throughout all regional and country areas of Australia, we are confident that all of the necessary support is available countrywide. This is a huge comfort to us a service provider and our customers.

The adjustable bed industry is predominantly littered with small operations that import and distribute the adjustable bases and mattresses. These organisations offer warranties that are quite frankly most unreliable in their ability to be meet the expectations set within their warranties. It is for these reasons that Bed & Mattress Studio have partnered with Comfort Sleep to manufacture and supply our adjustable beds. Supplying the peace of mind, ensuring that the warranties offered can be met.

Trusted Service and
Technical Support

As an independent family-owned business, we focus on offering a private and comfortable environment to trial our products. We understand how intimidating and at times “high pressure” trialling a bed can be in a large retail store environment. Therefore, we have built homely and relaxed studios for you to take your time with friends and loved ones to find the right mattress and adjustable bed combination to suit your comfort and budget needs.

We also understand that sometimes it is not easy to travel. To assist you in ensuring your experience in trying our beds is the same as in our studio, we bring all the same options to you. We know that one mattress does not suit all. Our experienced and caring team are focused on providing the best possible service for you.


Let us show you the right bed for you in the comfort of your own home or at our private showrooms without the pressure of being in a busy store.

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