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Customising your sleep position can reduce pain and inflammation as well as aid in recovery so that you are able to wake up feeling refreshed. As a family run business, we understand what an adjustable bed can do for you. That is why we overlook the luxury profits to offer Queensland's most affordable adjustable bedding range. We have partnered with AH Beard to offer a full range of Australian made mattresses to complement our adjustable bases. AH Beard are Australia's oldest bedding manufacturer and are highly trusted within the industry. Our partnership with the manufacturer allows us to offer full 10 year manufacturers warranties with our products.    

Our team of experienced consultants offer free in-home demonstrations and private show-room trials by appointment. You can trial our full range of Australian made mattresses with our adjustable bed's in the comfort of your own home or our showroom. Simply contact our team to organise a consultation.

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Our showrooms and products are all professionally cleaned and sanitised
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Hand sanitiser is available for your use
When delivering your bed, we take every precaution possible
No physical contact and masks and gloves used
We check our health daily and have undertaken COVID19 training

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The ultimate sleeping experience


Adjustable beds are designed for you to incrementally change your sleeping position at the touch of a wireless remote. Elevating the headrest and the footrest in different combinations to different angles can provide significant improvements in your ability to reach the deeper levels of restorative sleep.

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An investment into quality

Quality Australian made mattresses

On average 1/3 of your life spent sleeping on a mattress, hence the importance of seeking out quality options that fit your own individual body type and environment. This relatively long-term investment can and will have a significant direct impact on your body’s ability to reach the deep levels of restorative sleep.  

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Customise your bedroom


Add a touch of flair to your bedroom by selecting a stylish upholstered bedhead. Available in a range of chic designs, luxury fabrics and different sizes to suit your décor.

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A helping hand

Lift and
Recline Chair

Our chair will raise your feet whilst the backrest is in the upright position or recline just a little, so your feet can be raised whilst you read or watch TV. It will also recline a lot for a nap and then lift you straight to a standing position when it’s time to get up!

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The ultimate recovery tool

Sleep is the best recovery. The ultimate recovery tool = deep restorative sleep.

Adjustable bed health benefits

A small incline can make a big difference, come try for yourself!

Compromise no more

The best sleeping position is the one that gives you the most restorative sleep.

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Ev Appleton

Thank you indeed for  coming today to raise my bed up for me! I just LOVE it. It is much easier for  me now to get up out of the bed believe it or not and I’m so comfy and  sleeping well! Your service and care for  your customers is exceptional!

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